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Friday, October 26, 2012

Bangladesh is a Democratic country

Bangladesh is a democracy country located in South Asia. It is bordered by India and Burma and by the Bay of Bengal to the south .Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and it’s a very largest city is located in central Bangladesh. The official state language is Bengali.
In 1970, a massive cyclone devastated the coast of East Pakistan, killing up to half a million people, and the central government responded poorly. The Bengali population's anger was compounded when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who’s Awami League won a majority in Parliament in the 1970 elections, was blocked from taking office.
After staging compromise talks with Mujib, President Yahya khan and military officials launched Operation Searchlight, a sustained military assault on East Pakistan and arrested him in the early hours of 26 March 1971. Yahya's methods were extremely bloody, and the violence of the war resulted in many civilian deaths. Chief targets included intellectuals and Hindus, and about one million refugees fled to neighboring India. Estimates of those massacred throughout the war range from thirty thousand to 3,000,000. The Bangladesh Liberation War lasted for nine months. At last 16 December in 1971 Bangladesh achieved ultimate victory over Pakistani occupation forces and achieved our Independence.
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Rice, jute, tea etc, the main crops in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a low land. It has many rivers. She is also monsoon area. It rains heavily during the monsoon period. So floods are very common in our country. Almost every year flood visits our country. There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season consists of two month.
We have many beautiful place to travel. Cox’s Bazaar, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sunder bans the largest mangrove forest, Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat , Mahasthangarh in Bogra ,Puthia in Rajshahi, Paharpur in Naogaon, Kantataji Temple, Terracota, etc, the main tourist place in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has the largest shopping mall in South Asia, which is 13th largest in the world. It is Bashundhara City.
Bangladesh has some thirty four public and sixty four private Universities. National University has the largest enrolment amongst them and University of Dhaka (estd.1921)is the oldest university of the country. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology is oldest and prominent engineering university in Bangladesh and well known in south Asia. North South University is the oldest private university in this country.

National symbols of Bangladesh

Anthem: Amar Sonar Bangla
Animal: Roil Bengal tiger
Bird : Oriental Magpie Robin
Fish: Hilsa
Flower: White Water Lily
Fruit :Jackfruit
Tree: Mango tree
Sport :Hadudu

Natural View In Bangladesh

This is Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the most beautiful country all over the world. Hear you can find everything most of them nature, Like Sea, Hill, Forest, River and many other natural things. World most beautiful and World largest mangrove Forest Sunder Ban built in Bangladesh. It’s really a magical place.Only Bangladesh you can see World best and most amazing animal The Roil Bengal Tiger.
World longest see beach Cox’s Bazaar also built in Bangladesh. Every year there are many tourists
Came to Bangladesh only for see Cox’s bazaar. Cox’s Bazaar not only best for see beach from Cox’s Bazaar you can see many other natural places like Daruchini Deep,Teknaf game reserve  and many other natural places. There are also many Hills track built in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi peoples are so free minded and hospitable .For this reason every tourist fell so comfortable to visit Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a land of River. In Bangladesh any where you go you can see rivers. Bangladesh is also World best for fishing. There are also many other interesting and amazing natural places. So Well Come to Bangladesh
To see our cultures and all naturals view.

National Museum

We also know that Bangladesh is a beautiful country and hear also many beautiful places and amazing places. The National Museum of Bangladesh is the one of the Largest Museum in South Asia. The Museum built in Shah Bag, Dhaka, and Around Bangladesh National University. The Museum formally inaugurated on 17 November 1983. It’s really a large and also beautiful Museum. There were many Historical articles like Stone, Natural History, Metal, gold silver and copper coins, Arts and many other historical and natural things. The Museum ware rich collection of arms and armor in the Indian subcontinent. The Museum also has the freedom struggle culminating in the liberation of Bangladesh. All most it’s a awesome place in Bangladesh.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dhaka Zoo

Dhaka Zoo the national zoo in Bangladesh. It's a most amazing and attractive places in Bangladesh every day thousands of people came here for visit the animals and natural beauty of the national zoo. The Bangladesh national zoo is stay on Mirpur, Dhaka. It's opened on Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm from September-
October and March-April; 8am-6.30pm from May-August and 8am-5pm from November-February and the close day is Sunday.It's the best place for animal lovers because you can find every common and interesting animals hear like Tiger, Dear, Hippo, Lion, Crocodile, Snakes etc many other animals.You can also get a beautiful natural view hear because it's a big aria and also full of nature. So why you are waiting for come hear and get a new experience.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mainimati Ruins

Every year many people want a beautiful and a good naturals place and they search it for a memorable holidays. And Mainimati Ruins is that place that can provide you all of those things that you really need. Mainimati Ruins one of the best historical place for traveling. It’s created for Buddhist culture and here so many Buddhist historical goods for visit. The Mainimati Ruins are located near Dhaka in 70 kilometers southeast. It’s really a beautiful and pleasurable place so you need to see it. Many travel agencies provide low prize and best travel.  Come here and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Somapura Vihara

Somapura Mahavihara is one of the most beautiful and historical place in Bangladesh. It’s a light proof of golden history in Bangladesh. It’s located in Paharpur, Bangladesh. This historical site was built in circa 781-802 and under rule of the greatest pala king Dharmapal. The whole area of this great site is 27 acres. There was so many historical goods like Temples, terracotta, various ceramics, Coins, inscriptions etc. You can easily go to Somapura at first you need to go Bogra, from there you can easily go hear directly via Taxi. It’s a wonderful for visitors and also a very beautiful place for this reason every year thousands of people came to visit this historical place.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most beautiful and important place for Bangladesh truism. It’s manually a fishing port and district in Bangladesh. It’s famous for the world longest see beach which is 125 km long without broken. It’s really a very beautiful place for tourist & nature lover. It’s located in 150 km south of the Chittagong. The Cox bazar derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox who died on 1799. Now a day this places is one of the most-visited tourist’s destinations in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of people came here for visit this amazing place. The beach is main attraction of this town. There were also so many larger hotels for tourist and its good news for the visitors. The Cox’s bazar not only famous for the beach there was also so many beautiful places like Chittagong Hill Tracks, Maheshkhali, Teknaf, ST. Martin’s Island, Chakaria, Bandarban, Rangamati.
Etc. And now it’s became a most beautiful town for its new development extenuation and also for its natural development. And it’s become a memorable visit for you.