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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Sundarban

Sundarban is the World largest mangrove forest built in Bangladesh.Sundarban is not only a mangrove forest it also include some of the last remaining stands of the mighty jungles which covered the Genetic plain. Sundarban Built in stretching 80km into the Bangladeshi hinterland. The Sundarban covered a large aria of 38,500 sq km, and there one-third is covered in water. Now there are 400 Royal Bengal tigers and 30,000 spotted deer live in Sundarban aria. Sundarban is a haven for many other animals like many different of Birds, Fishes, Crocodiles, Insects and thousand’s of other animals. Sundarban is a house of River Dolphin, salt water Crocodiles and more different of animals. It’s a most beautiful place for its unique natural beauty. Only hear you can see Sudery tree though you can’t find any where on this World. There are many other different of tree grownup in Sundarban like Garan, Shel, Gol, Posur etc. Every year thousands of people came to nearest village for get Honey. Many people live there livelihood to depend on this forest. It’s a big aria covered on 6000 sk. qm..It’s around on Bagerhat, Barisal, Khulna, Pirojpur, Raimangal, Hariabhang and many other places. There are many attractive things in Sundarban like wildlife photography, famous Royal Bengal tiger, wildlife, nature study, traveling, largest mangrove forest, birds and other animals. Almost Sundarban is a most beautiful place in this world.  



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