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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dhaka Zoo

Dhaka Zoo the national zoo in Bangladesh. It's a most amazing and attractive places in Bangladesh every day thousands of people came here for visit the animals and natural beauty of the national zoo. The Bangladesh national zoo is stay on Mirpur, Dhaka. It's opened on Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm from September-
October and March-April; 8am-6.30pm from May-August and 8am-5pm from November-February and the close day is Sunday.It's the best place for animal lovers because you can find every common and interesting animals hear like Tiger, Dear, Hippo, Lion, Crocodile, Snakes etc many other animals.You can also get a beautiful natural view hear because it's a big aria and also full of nature. So why you are waiting for come hear and get a new experience.



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